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2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD 8.1L 496 Cube monster with the Allison transmission. It's already had some love from us with a service and major upgrades, Energy Bushing kit, suspension, and exhaust upgrade to JBA Ceramic coated headers and Borla Catback system. The list of mods is ever growing, most recently due to a faulty set of head gaskets. The most recent upgrades have consisted of removal of the engine top end. This monster has previously been bored .020 over.

We have had the heads refreshed and surfaced by our friends over at Fortin's Engines. We didn't like rough foundry work to the bare cast heads, so we polished and smoothed them out improving upon the stock factory casts. We did the same with the intake and polished up throat of the throttle body and the intake runners, smoothing out the rough foundry work and improving the flow.

The next step was crucial, we contacted Raylar Engineering in San Diego, Larry and his team have been a fantastic resource. A custom ground Raylar camshaft has been transplanted into this beast, every possible gasket changed. The motor is back together and the beast loves it's new camshaft. Very impressive considering this engine format comes factory with roller lifters. There is a ton of horsepower to be unleashed here and we are well on our way. The next key stage is already in motion, to finish unlocking the true potential within a custom computer tune will be required.

We're currently working away at the to do list.

Basic Information
Car's Owner: Alphee
Car Model: GMC Sierra 2500 HD
Engine Cylinder: 8
Engine Size: 8.1L
Horse Power: 340HP
Aftermarket Parts Installed
MSD Coil Packs & Plug Wires
Fram Airhog Cold Air intake
JBA Shorty headers & Collectors
Borla exhuast system cat back
Rancho Shocks
Energy Suspension Hyperflex
Stage 8 Fastners
Delphi Electronics/Pumps
NGK Plugs
K&N Air Filters
Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants
EBC Sport Rotors
EBC YellowStuff Pads
Russell Stainless Braided Flex Brake Hoses
Fuel Custom Wheel's
Cooper Tires